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Above Ground PoolsAbove Ground Pools - Above ground pools describes the variety and types of pools available today, what permission from the authorities may be required and how to avoid the common problems associated with above ground pools.

Intex pools are the developer and supplier to the USA of both the Easy Set (blow up) and the framed "above ground" pools. Gives background to company, products and list FAQ's about the Intex pools.

Intex - manufacturer & supplier of above ground pools to the USA

Intex are the developers behind two of the leading above ground pools available on the market today.

Easy set Intex pool

Framed Intex pool

The Easy Set Intex pools are inflatable pools that are amazingly simple to use and it is not surprising that a great design such as this comes from one of the leaders of inflatable products from airbeds to swimming pools. The Intex pools operate by inflating the upper ring, and then simply filling the pool with water. The raising water level pulls the inflated top ring upwards and creates a swimming pool with very little effort. The Intex pools are available in sizes ranging from a 10ft diameter to a 24 ft diameter. For children for whom 42" or 48?" depth is too much, Intex also produce a Simple Set pool, which is smaller in diameter and starts at a depth of 27?"

The soft sided metal frame Intex pools are another type of portable swimming pool. They are not as quick to put together as a product such as the Easy Set pools, but once up, they stay up. Inflatable pools will go down slowly, and will need pumping after a while, but the metal frame Intex pools are built around a galvanized steel frame. The super strong, triple thick side walls provide extra strength and durability.
The metal sided Intex pools are only available in two sizes, diameters 15ft and 18ft, but are one of the sturdiest portable above ground Intex pools currently available. The steel frame is coated for rust resistance. Both the Easy Set pools and the metal sided pools come complete with a ground sheet that is slightly larger than the pool itself, a ladder for easy and safe entry/exit to the pool and a pump. For easy storage, the Intex pools are designed to fold flat when not in use.

Both pools manufactured by Intex need to be erected on ground that is a flat as possible, which may influence your decision as to whether to buy one or not. They also require a considerable amount of chemical attention in order to keep the water healthy and fresh enough for your children to play in.

Easy Set Intex pools are particularly popular designs, and are freely available all over the United States . If, however, you are unable to find one locally, you may wish to order over the internet. There are many places on the internet where you can buy Intex products and prices change frequently, so you should seek the most up to date prices yourself.

Some background to Intex

Intex Recreation Corp. is the world's leading producer of inflatable products.

Their manufacturing partners, located in the People's Republic of China, are, they say, dedicated to producing high grade vinyl, heat sealed inflatables, and many different styles of indoor and outdoor recreational products.

They pride themselves on offering their customers and consumers the best in customer service for their Intex pools. Whether it be on-time delivery or a replacement cap and insert, they boast that no task is too large or too small.

Once the goods arrive in the U.S., they are forwarded to their warehouse and distribution centre in the port city of Long Beach, CA for quick and seasonal delivery. They claim to make an effort to run as efficiently as possible to pass the savings on to you, the customer.
Through cooperation and teamwork between the Intex group of companies, they claim that Intex is able to design, produce and distribute their Intex pools in the most efficient manner possible, enabling them to pass these cost savings onto you and offer you the best value possible.

Some FAQ's about Intex Easy Set Pools

Question: Approximately, how many gallons / litres of water do Intex pools hold?

Answer: 12' x 30" = 1,353 gal / 5,121 L
15' x 30" = 2,124 gal / 8,041 L
15' x 36" = 2,561 gal / 9,694 L
15' x 42" = 3,110 gal / 11,773 L
18' x 36" = 3,735 gal / 14,138 L
18' x 42" = 4,814 gal / 18,223 L
24' x 42" = 8,807 gal / 33,338 L

Question: Can I set Intex pools up on a concrete patio?
Answer: Yes, but a ground cloth is hightly recommended, and do not drag the liner across the concrete as abrasions may cause holes.

Question: Can a portable water heater be used for this type of pool?
Answer: No electric heater should be used, as short circuits may occur. This is a dangerous thing to do, as this may result in injury or death.

Question: Can grass grow through the ground cloth and / or Intex pools liners?
Answer: Yes, in some cases certain types of hardy grass such as Bermuda or St. Augustine can grow through the liner. Before setting up your pool, it is recommended that you clear the area of these types of hardy grasses. Intex will not be held responsible for grasses that may grow through the ground cloth and / or pool liner, as this is not a manufacturing defect. A ground cloth or tarp may be helpful in preventing this from occurring.

Question: Can the pool and pump be purchased separately?
Answer: Please contact Intex Service Station according to the information shown in your Owner?s Manual.

Question: Can Intex pools be left up year-round?
Answer: It depends on where you live. It is not recommended to keep your pool up if your temperature falls lower than 5 degrees Celsius or 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The pool may freeze and cracking could occur.

Question: Do I need to keep safety and rescue equipment on hand near my pool?
Answer: You should always have standard safety equipment on hand in the immediate area. Recommended items are (but not limited to) an approved ring buoy with reinforced rope, a standard first aid kit, a blunt ended metal or hard plastic rescue pole, telephone numbers of local authorities, and emergency procedure information.

Question: Do you recommend using chemicals? If so, what kind?
Answer: Yes. Contact your local Intex pool supply store and provide the estimated number of gallons of water in your pool.

Question: Do Intex pools carry a factory warranty?
Answer: Intex will replace manufacturing defective products within 90 days of purchase (except filter pumps). The product must be returned to Intex along with a copy of the dated sales receipt, your name, address, telephone number and a brief note explaining the reason for return. It is suggested that you ship the product to Intex using a traceable shipping method. Intex will not be responsible for products lost in transit. The filter pumps have a (1) year limited written warranty located in the filter pump manual. The responsibility of the shipping cost to Intex is that of the consumer.

Question: Does the ladder / cover come with the pool?
Answer: Some packages include the ladder and cover. Be sure to read the retail box prior to purchasing.

Question: Does the liner require any special care to ensure durability?
Answer: Keep sharp objects out of the pool or from underneath the pool. Maintain proper pH levels and keep the pool sanitary and clean.

Question: How do I drain the Intex pools?
Answer: Remove the drain cap and plug. A hose adapter is also included in the pool packages which connects to a standard garden hose.

Question: How do I prevent dirt and grime from getting into the pool water?
Answer: Remind your family and friends to always hose or rinse off any dirt or tanning oil from their hands, feet, and body prior to entering the pool. Use the intex pool cover to keep your pool covered when not in use. This will help keep wind and other elements from depositing dirt and debris in your pool, and will also prevent excess rainwater from overfilling your pool.

Question: How do I prevent the Intex pools from damaging grass or fungi developing on the concrete?
Answer: It is not possible to prevent grass or lawn damage under the pool. Keep this in mind when selecting your site for set up. Keep the grass and concrete as dry as possible by mopping up excess splashed water after each use to minimize fungal growth.

Question: How does UV affect the materials used?
Answer: All PVC's degrade over prolonged exposure to excessive sunlight. Intex pools are manufactured with UV inhibitors to delay the degradation caused by sunlight.

Question: How high can I fill the pool?
Answer: To the bottom of the inflated ring

Question: How long does it take to fill Intex pools with water?
Answer: 2 or more hours, depending on which pool, hose size, and water pressure. Remember to observe the fill up process for several minutes to make sure that the pool is filling evenly and the surface is level.

Question: How many season should the Intex pools last?
Answer: Depends on usage, maintenance and care.

Question: How much air should I inflate in the top ring?
Answer: Until the top ring is firm to the touch. An overinflated ring heated by the sun may burst.

Question: How much does water cost to fill the Intex pools?
Answer: It varies across the world. Contact your local water company for cost information.

Some more FAQ's about Intex pools

Question: How often should the water be changed?
Answer: Depending on usage and chemical balance this figure can vary. If properly filtered and chemically balanced, water should last through a summer season. You can reduce the need for water changes by keeping your pool covered when not in use, testing the water regularly to ensure proper chemical balance, operating the pump for an adequate number of hours each day, keeping the filter pump cartridge clean, and replacing the cartridge when needed. Intex pools FAQ's contd.

Question: How to prevent black stain around the water level on the top ring?
Answer: Black stain around the top ring normally caused by suntan or sunblock lotion that float on the water surface and accumulate on the side. For a better hygiene, always use an Intex Wall Mount Surface Skimmer to clean the water surface on a daily basic, and change the pool water once or twice per summer season. Intex pools FAQ's contd.

Question: Is a fence or enclosure required by law?
Answer: Some cities and towns require owners of certain types of pools, based on size and depth to fence in their property. Check your city ordinance. Intex pools FAQ's contd.

Question: Is a video available to show how to set up the pool?
Answer: A video is included in all pool packages. If you would like to purchase one you can call Intex service station listed on your Owner?s Manual. Intex pools FAQ's contd.

Question: Is it safe for my pets to play in the pool?
Answer: No. Dogs, cats, and all other household pets should be kept away from the pool to avoid being trapped inside, and also to protect the structural integrity of the pool. (There is a risk of the sidewalls and inflatable ring becoming punctured by pet claws and teeth). Intex pools FAQ's contd.

Question: Is it safe to jump or dive into the pool off of a ladder or any type of platform?
Answer: No. Under no circumstances should anyone jump or dive into the pool. Intex does not distribute any pools that are deep enough to allow such activity. Serious injury or death could result from failure to follow these rules. Intex pools FAQ's contd.

Question: Is it safe to lean over, lie down, or sit on top of the pool?s inflatable top ring?
Answer: No. Do not allow any pool occupants (even small children) to lean over, lie down, or sit on the inflatable top ring. This will cause instability in the pool or cause the water to flood over the side of the pool. Intex pools FAQ's contd.

Question: Is there a repair patch enclosed for liner repair?
Answer: Yes. Small tears or holes can be repaired with the enclosed repair patch. Surface should be dry before affixing the patch. Intex pools FAQ's contd.

Question: Should I leave my pool outside in the snow or freezing winter?
Answer: Above-ground pools will collapse under the weight of ice and snow. Intex pools FAQ's contd.

Question: What could cause the Easy Set pool to be lopsided?
Answer: The base or bottom of the pool is not laid out flat with no wrinkles. The inflated ring is not on the inside of the base of the pool when filling with water,or the ground is not level. Intex pools FAQ's contd.

Question: What is needed to prepare a site for the pool?
Answer: A level stable surface is needed and all sharp objects must be removed. A ground cloth or tarp should be placed under the pool prior to setting it up. Intex pools FAQ's contd.

Question: What is the approximate depth of the water?
Answer: 12' x 30" = 24"/25"
15' x 30" = 24"/25"
15' x 36" = 27"/28"
15' x 42" = 33"/34"
18' x 36" = 27"/28"
18' x 42" = 33"/34"
24' x 42" = 33"/34" Intex pools FAQ's contd.

Question: What is the steepest slope that I am able to set up my pool on?
Answer: For best results the surface should be perfectly level. Pay close attention to the pool?s stability and levelness in the early stages of filling your pool up with water. If after about an inch of water is accumulated, and the water is not spreading out evenly, or the pool appears to be bulging to one side, stop filling the pool, drain the water, and select a new site. If the pool is set up on a slope, the pool will be lopsided and can potentially collapse. Intex pools FAQ's contd.

Question: What material is the pool made of?
Answer: PVC and Laminated PVC which is made with 3 separate layers of material for extra strength and durability - two outer layers of heavy gauge PVC laminated to an inner layer of polyester mesh for extra reinforcement. Intex pools FAQ's contd.

Question: What other surfaces can be safely used to set up my Intex Easy Set Pool?
Answer: The Easy Set Pool can be set up on grass, compacted dirt, or pavement that is completely level and stable. A ground cloth or tarp is recommended. The pool should NOT be set up on sand or muddy ground that could possibly shift. It is NOT recommended to be set up on wooden decks. Intex pools FAQ's contd.

Question: What should I do to avoid puncturing the top ring?
Answer: Keep pets away from the pool. Sharp objects and jewelry like metal wristwatches, bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, and hairpins should be taken off before entering the pool. The sharp objects can puncture the PVC ring, just as small gems from jewelry may be sucked into the filter pump causing permanent damage. Intex pools FAQ's contd.

Question: What should I use to clean my pool before storing it for the winter?
Answer: Mild soap and water. Thoroughly rinse and make sure it is dry before storing. Intex pools FAQ's contd.

Question: What sizes are available?
Answer: We distribute 12', 15', 18' and 24' diameter sizes. Intex pools FAQ's contd.

Question: Where can I buy one?
Answer: Visit your local Intex retailer or contact the nearest Intex service station shown on Intex pools FAQ's contd.

Question: Why do I find algae in my pool even when I run my filter pump regularly?
Answer: The pump and filter alone will not prevent algae from growing in the pool water; this can only be done by maintaining proper chlorine and pH levels at all times. Check your local pool supplies store for further information. Intex pools FAQ's contd.

Question: Will Intex issue a refund for manufacturing defective products?
Answer: Any refund request must be made at the original place of purchase. Intex pools FAQ's contd.

Question: Would excessive pool chemicals affect / cause deterioration to liners?
Answer: Excessive or concentrated chemicals may cause damage to any pool and to the user. Intex pools FAQ's contd.

Blow up Intex pool

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