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Pool SuppliesPool Supplies - Pool supplies includes information about maintaining your pool and the equipment needed such as filters, heaters, liners and covers for above ground or inground pools. Not forgetting Health & Safety issues as well as pool supplies for relaxation and fun.

General information about pool liners, what sizes are available, what can damage them, the correct use of chemicals and their recommended strengths. Details of replacing pool liners and their general care throughout the season.

Swimming Pool Liners - general information

Homeowners with backyard swimming pools depend on vinyl liners to keep their pools looking beautiful season after season. Nearly 70 percent of the residential pools in the United States rely on durable and easy-to-clean printed flexible vinyl to protect the interior pool surface from environmental elements and manmade conditions.

Swimming pool liners made from durable vinyl are used in "above ground" pools and certain types of "inground" pools. Liners keep their pools looking beautiful year after year. While these liners are built to last, they are susceptible to eventual decay. Usually, replacement is required every ten years.

What size, shape & colour are available ?

Pools come in many shapes and sizes and therefore so do pool liners. It is necessary to measure your pool's dimensions before purchasing a liner. In addition, there are different varieties of liners to choose from. Three terms worth becoming familiar with before buying are "beaded", "overlap" and "J-hook". These terms refer to the three basic ways pool liners can be attached to the side of the pool. The overlap variety goes over the pool wall and is clamped to the top of the wall, while beaded liners fit into the coping retainer strip and J-hook liners resemble an upside-down J allowing it to be installed on almost any pool.

Marble patterned pool liner

Mosaic patterned pool liner

Conditions that might cause damage

Vinyl pool liners are unfortunately susceptible to damage if the right precautions are not taken. The most common cause of damage to a liner is through the misuse of water treatment chemicals. Make sure that you've read and followed the chemical manufacturer's instructions for recommended use. When you do add chemicals to your pool, be sure you add them one dissolved chemical at a time through the pools filtration system. This technique allows for a more even dispersion throughout the pool. In addition perform regular water PH tests in order to ensure the right balance of chemicals. When it comes to cleaning vinyl pool liners, never use sharp objects or abrasive cleaning agents. Only use cleaning methods recommended by your pool lining manufacturer.

From sunlight and temperature fluctuation to chemicals and careless cleaning, this surface is exposed to numerous hazards. Premature pattern wear due to abrasive cleaning tools and bleaching due to improper chemical balance are the two factors, exclusively or in combination, which can attack the vinyl pool liners and cause premature aging.

Replacing a liner

When a liner does need to be replaced, a host of options are available. Consumers can choose from a wide variety of patterns, textures, colours, thicknesses, and methods of attachment. The right pool liners can easily and cheaply give your pool the look of a much more expensive "in ground" type.

The aesthetic options are endless when it comes to choosing a pool liner these days. You can go with a simple blue liner, or choose from a variety of highly ornamented and tiled designs. Two different pool liners thicknesses are in standard use: 20 millimeter liners and 30 millimeter liners. 20 millimeter liners are normally installed in "above ground" pools, although the stronger and longer lasting 30 millimeter can be substituted. However, a 30 millimeter liner is generally recommended for use in an "inground" pool.

Additional advice for looking after your pool liners

Correct use of chemicals

Prior to installation, read and follow the chemical manufacturers' directions. Many pool liners problems are a result of misuse of chemicals. When adding chemicals, add one chemical at a time. Add each dissolved chemical through the skimmer for best dispersion into the pool (ie through the filtration system). Maintain proper water balance: pH in the range of 7.2 to 7.6; total alkalinity at 80 ppm to 100 ppm; and calcium hardness at 200 ppm to 300 ppm.
Keep free chlorine, the most common active ingredient that sanitizes the pool, at 1.5 ppm to 2.5 ppm. If the concentration drifts below 1.5 ppm, algae and bacterial growth can take hold more easily and may cause staining of the vinyl pool liners. If the active chlorine concentration is maintained greater than 2.5 ppm, liner wrinkling may occur. This problem can be further aggravated if accompanied by pH levels that fall below 7.0.

Seasonal Care of pool liners

Avoid the use of any abrasive cleaning agents or cleaning aids.
Vacuum and clean the pool with a cleaner designed for vinyl lined pools.
Never use sharp objects in or around the pool, as they can puncture pool liners.
After the chemicals have dissipated, cover your pool when it's not in use. This will decrease its exposure to damaging ultraviolet rays. Less chemicals are required if your pool is covered and/or not used. To avoid high concentrations of airborne chemicals building up between the water and the cover, open or vent the cover every 24 hours.
Do not drain the pool completely for any reason without consulting a pool professional. The older the pool liners, the higher the risk that it will shrink and not stretch back into its original shape.
Never close a pool without circulating the pool water for several hours after the addition of chemicals.

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